Byju Sukumaran, user experience design

Concept Development

2004/5 - R&D - BBC Collect
BBC cross platform service design

2008/09 - R&D - Bicker manor
Projects to gain insights and identify possibilities

Design Strategy

2002 - BBC One and BBC Two
Website research, design and implementation

2004 - BBC Homepage
Website research, design and implementation

2003 - What's On
Website research, design and implementation

Design & Build

2007-09 - BBC Corporate Websites
Website research, design and implementation

Print & Identity
Posters, t-shirts, icons, postcards and adverts

2006 - DCFA (CMS)
Website research, design and implementation

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BBC Corporate websites

BBC Shows, Tours and Live Events

Role: Graphic design, interface design.

BBC Shows, Tours and Live Events

Shows, Tours and Live Events ( guides people to all the things they can do at the BBC. From watching one of our shows as it's being recorded to being a participant. From going on a tour of a building to enjoying a night out at the Electric Proms or going on a Spring Watch nature walk.

The portal's objective is to make it easy for people to find out about the huge range of things and apply for tickets.


Role: IA, Graphic design, CSS development and implementation of CMS


Odanadi, means 'soul mate' in the local language Kannada, India, which captures the spirit of the organisation. The charity creates a supportive and safe environment for all those effected by human trafficking. The website's main objectives were to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking and generate income by signing up regular individual donors.

By interviewing the stakeholders I  structured the website, to meet its objectives and facilitate its future aspirations.



Review of the Year 2006/2007 & BBC Annual Report

Role: Concept development, design, development and implementation | 2007 

The Wrong Trainers

View site: Review of the year 2006/2007

View site: BBC Annual Report 2006/2007


Role: Website redesign. Concept development, IA, graphic design, development and implementation of CMS | 2006

Respond redesign 2006

The charity Respond had a website that had served its purpose well for a while. Unfortunately as the years passed and the website grew, the structure no longer made sense to its owners - It was also difficult for the team to maintain.

  • To restructure the information contained within the website, to accommodate current needs and future growth.
  • To create a system that helps the time strapped team to update and maintain their website successfully.
  • That the website should be relevant both to clients with learning difficulties, their carers and other organisations and professionals.

Respond wanted to have a quirky feel to their website - I developed the look around the idea of talking, I also developed a flash application that reads the pages as an aid.


BBC Homepage 2005

Role: Senior User Experience Designer. Lead a team of 3 designers and an IA for the redevelopment and redesign of the BBC Homepage